Dive In: The Joy of Senior Living with Indoor Pools

When a senior living community offers its own indoor swimming pool, the residents benefit from a secure, invigorating environment that boosts their health and well-being. And since it’s not an outdoor pool, poor weather conditions don’t prevent anyone from using them. Pools also serve as a social hub that fosters a sense of community among residents – it’s an excellent amenity for all who live there.

Elison Niles | Indoor swimming pool

Elison Independent Living of Niles has a resort-style indoor pool for those very reasons. The health benefits are unquestionable and described in detail below, along with some recommended pool exercises* for seniors.

The Health Benefits of Senior Living with Indoor Pools

According to the Cleveland Clinic, swimming is a great exercise for seniors. It is easier on the body than other kinds of exercise, and they recommend it to help ease the symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and reduced mobility. It also burns calories, strengthens the heart and lungs, builds muscle, and keeps your mind sharp.

Residents can enjoy full-body workouts while minimizing the risk of injury; walking tracks and indoor walking don’t provide as many benefits.

These health benefits are invaluable for active adults:

  • Better cardiovascular health. Senior living with an indoor pool offers an opportunity for low-impact exercises that don’t strain the body. Water aerobics and gentle swimming promote cardiovascular health without putting strain on joints.
  • Improved joint flexibility. The buoyancy of water provides a natural resistance that helps improve joint flexibility. Seniors can engage in exercises that enhance their range of motion, making daily activities more comfortable and enjoyable. It’s a secure way to maintain mobility and prevent stiffness.
  • Stronger muscles. Since water has more resistance than air, it builds muscle faster than exercises like jogging.
  • Social connections. Beyond the physical benefits, senior community indoor pools are hubs for social interaction. Residents join group classes, meet like-minded neighbors, and build friendships.

Pool Exercises Tailored for Seniors

  • Water walking. This is a simple water walking routine that involves going up and down the swim lanes to engage muscles and get the heart pumping. It’s the perfect beginner exercise that lays the foundation for water aerobics.
  • Leg lifts. Stand near the pool edge, holding onto the railing for support. Lift one leg at a time to the side, front, and back, targeting leg muscles without putting excess strain on joints.
  • Water aerobics. A water aerobics class designed specifically for seniors incorporates gentle movements that enhance cardiovascular health and overall strength.

Elison Independent Living of Niles: Senior Living with an Indoor Pool Near You

If you live near Niles, Illinois, and Google “senior living with a pool near me,” don’t hesitate to read all about us when our name shows up. Elison Independent Living of Niles has an indoor pool for year-round use, plus other amenities that promote our residents’ health and wellness.

Our residents also enjoy our card rooms, an activity room, a plant-filled atrium, and delicious, nutritious, chef-prepared meals. We also have an on-site rehab gym, a fitness center with exercise classes, a personal care provider, and an on-site pharmacy.

Discover the Benefits of an Active Lifestyle at Elison Independent Living of Niles

Senior living with an indoor pool promotes physical well-being and a sense of community and connection. If you’re searching for independent living retirement communities with a pool near you, we encourage you to contact us for a tour. We are Resident First, Team Focused, Quality Centered, and look forward to showing you all of our amenities.

*Everyone’s health and fitness levels are unique. Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any new exercise routine. They can provide personalized advice based on your health and fitness goals. This blog post is intended to be informative. However, it should not replace professional medical advice.

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Cut The Ribbon With Us!

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Experience Elison Independent Living of Niles and enjoy:

Chef-prepared food and drinks
Live music
Community tours

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